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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas

I'm sure some of you have been saying, "Oh sure, Steve, but what do your decorations look like this year?"

So here is as wide a shot as I can get. You can just barely see the large ornaments hanging from the tree.

And here is just the deer on the righthand side.

Then there is the side yard display. Note the new wreath hanging on the storage barn in back.

And here is a closer shot of the front of the house. Most of these lights are new, as is the garland around the doors (I've really been wanting to do that for years - this isn't really what I wanted to do, but it's what I could afford this year, and it doesn't look much different from the street).

And then there is a partial view of my neighbors lawn (he's added more things since this shot, and well as several inflatables to the right, and a few to the left). My neighbor feels we're in some kind of competition with each other. Which led me to almost get the 12' inflatable Santa. Just because that would be my trump card this week. But I refrained.

So there's a few new things this year. I also have garland wrap around the mailbox (so it looks good during the day). I've relamped 2 of the deer this year with LEDs (warm whites, which are a nice addition as they only look slightly different from the others, unlike the deer I relamped in cool whites, which look blueish).

There's plenty I wanted to get, but the cost was a little too high. We'll check out the after Xmas sales (depending on other factors going on).

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