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Continual crisis!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Late breaking heads

So, the last month on Council just can't be an easy one, can it? Thanks, Universe, for more heartbreak on the way out.

Well, we had one officer resign (which I already knew about). So I need to hire another this month (almost solved). I mean, they couldn't wait another month?

But then there's more health problems around Council. If you happen to think that there's all this giving away of the house by the government when it comes to health care, think again. Because of the regulations instituted by Congress attempting to cut their liability, one of our own is suffering more than necessary. They need a necessary procedure, but unfortunately are just outside the approved level to be helped. So, instead, we have a few more expensive hospital visits instead of fixing the problem. Saving a few pennies to spend a few dollars. Great.

Then someone goes through a stop sign and takes out the sibling of another of our workers. Funeral was yesterday (so I missed all of it).

Then there's our State Attorney General who feels that pursuing a former employee for overpayments which had already been discovered and "approved" by the elected board members (different body) 6 years ago is now worth pursuing to bring money in for the state. Dollar amount is below $500, the clerk had already been disciplined, the error was caught and corrected before the audit, the elected members of the board absolved the debt. In an attempted to drive revenues, the AG isn't hearing any of it and required response immediately. Six years ago. So our choice was to force the former employee (who is facing medical and financial problems of their own) to repay, force the Clerk to pay, or tap our Bond (which at least will increase our costs, might lead to loosing it). And we had to decide tonight, or let the AG make the choice. Have we talked about how the OAG is also looking at getting welfare recipients to repay government overpayments from up to 25 years ago? Can we pick a swell bunch in this state or what.

Also, I have jury duty tomorrow. Freaking fantastic. Every other year I've been called for duty, but haven't had to serve (dismissed the night before). Hey, thanks a load.

Dear Universe, I don't know what I did to piss you off, but you can stop it now.

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