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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Linkee-poo wouldn't touch the Grinch with a 39 and a 3/4 foot poll

Linkee-poo would like to take this moment to wish Jay Lake's computer a speedy recovery. How are we to keep up the pretense of actually being witty, urban, and well read without his daily feed?

Cherie Priest's future is so bright, she'll have to wear sun-goggles. Also, her follow up to answer your questions. Somewhat a synchronicity as a fellow student in class just started reading Boneshaker and I got to play "knowledgable writer person" about it. Fellow student was duly impressed, but I think mostly that he met another sf/f person.

Copywriting, the number one skill for authors. Well… (yeah, no matter what your fiction style, you should be able to string words together in the standard fashion for non-fiction correspondence)

While I often suffer from the feeling I'm a "very witty boy", Grue save me from coming off as a snob.

"For the sweet sake of Saint Fuck, keep on writing." Chuck Wendig on the end of this year's NaNoWriMo. Congrats for those of you who made it to the end, even if you didn't make the word count. Also, what makes you think you can stop now?! Bwahahahaha. The first hit is always free, suckers.

And now that you have your novel, Chuck has 25 things you should know about it. Also, because I have one in the barn, as it were, very relevant to me. Maybe it is to you as well.

Steve Martin corrects Fox New concerning galaxies and solar systems. Okay, 1) Kewl! Photos of extra-sol planetary systems! 2) Steve Martin is actually a pretty sharp cookie (even if he plays the banjo). And 3) When you're a news organization and you're being corrected on a factual basis by a professional comedian, you've jumped the shark. (Grokked from

Researchers find a "latent" virus that aids HPV cervical cancer cells commit apoptosis. It's far from certain this will pan out, but an interesting step forward. Also note, it was a random step forward, and something unexpected. (Pointed to by John)

In case your Xmas shopping isn't done yet, has your Cthulhu Xmas shopping guide. You know, for all your tentacularly undead goodness. (And yes, I've been saving up that word for a long time and now I get to use it) Ah, nothing says Xmas like bronze tentacle ornaments hanging from the unholy green, glowing, spectral pine tree (that will be next year's hot tree color, BTW).

It's a war of words, and most of them are lies. Some people don't remember when the RNC had a meeting to discuss how they would stop using "liberal" and instead use "socialist" (as in, "Obama, the most socialist president evar!") Here's another meeting where these decisions are being made. Only this time it's about how not to be "seen as defenders of quote, Wall Street, end quote, we’ve got a problem (says Frank Luntz, the person who brought you such goodies as the "Death Tax")."

Michelle Bachmann is still running for President?

Tweet of my heart:
@SamSykesSwears: From now on, I'm going to say "yeah, I've been meaning to do that, if only I had the time" when someone tells me what their job is.


John Healy said...

I'd forgotten that she was on the Intelligence comittee. Where can I go to be pepper-sprayed?

Steve Buchheit said...

Hey John, we're setting up queues at the FEMA camps. You'll be notified by registered mail when it's your turn.