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nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowy Saturday

Spent the day at a play downtown. Okay, well, I did do other things. Like I went to a client's to take some photos. See snowy day comments and the photos were to be of his horses. This is the third time we tried. So I left my camera with him so he could get them while he could (the problem with working all the daylight hours). Then we ran errands for recyclables and cat food (there was a sale, on the cat food, not the recyclables).

Did I mention it was snowy?

So it took some time to get downtown. It was well worth it. Playhouse Square was finely done for the holidays. And the Allen Theater looked fabulous. The play itself started off slowly, but the second act picked up and ended very well. The characters started off somewhat cardboard thin, but go interesting in the second act. Lots of Shakespeare in the play, which is always enjoyable. And while I had the end of the play by the start of the second act, there were enough twists to keep me engaged.

However the tickets we $70 a piece, and we were in the very last row. There were $50 tickets, and I'm wondering just where those were. Like I said, we were in the last row of the balcony. Peasants, w(h)ine for Caeser.

Had dinner in Mentor on the way home, while we ran some more errands. The food was excellent, and given the crowd at 5pm, obviously very popular. Although I had a fairly light dinner (chicken piccante), I feel a little heavy from it. Weird.

So that was the day. How's your weekend going?

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