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Continual crisis!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Micro in the bag

Tonight was the finals, and because of being out of state last week, I had to do both the Lab and Lecture final. Since we were both there early, I took the Lab first and scored 21/20 (22 total possible points). There were a few questions that it took me a while to get the correct answer, and one I totally pulled out of ass (what is albumin's role in plasma - it's to regulate osmotic pressure in case you're wondering). On the Lecture test I scored an 83%. My lowest score of the semester. Considering I missed 2 out of the 3 lectures that covered the material, I think I did okay. There were a few that I changed my answer to the incorrect answer (none that went the other way, that is, I didn't change any to the correct answer), one that I marked the wrong box, and a few that I debated between two answers and chose the wrong one.

If I've done my math correctly, even with the automatic 10 point deduction for missing class last week, I think I still made an A. Not my highest A, in fact I think this is my poorest performance to date. But it's an A. The GPA doesn't care if I blew out the top end or barely scrapped by.

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