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Thursday, December 1, 2011

There's a store in Hermitage, PA, that is a local draw this time of year for their holiday displays. It's called Kraynaks. And that's where we went last weekend. It's fairly popular, and there's always a wait to get in.
But, that's not the whole line, once you get around the front you can see the rest of the line.
And then once you're in the door it's another 15-20 minutes before you get to the actual displays. Which can be worth it.
The TV set is a little snow covered village diorama. It's pretty good and seemed to be a stopping point for people to have their photos taken with it. But then there's the standard stuff.
Like the bumbles and your basic tree setup
But some of the things are pretty good. I'm not sure the palm trees will take off (they sold some smaller versions of theme).
They're more traditional, the manger having had been wired only the year before Mary and Joseph showed up, so the lights were still in good shape that night.
Then there are plenty of the creative class of decorations. Which some are quite impressive. And pink.
The in thing for trees this year is the ribbon topper. Which, strangely enough, they didn't sell although they had plenty of ribbon for sale at a fairly high price. I did buy ribbon that will go with the tree we're setting up this year, but I bought it at Michael's where it was on sale.
And then there are the variations on a theme. Like the white decorations.
And this one. There were a lot of good ideas, especially if you want to spend hundreds on tree ornament sets (I prefer the "homegrown collection" look myself). There was only one thing that really got me going.
WANTS. That would look so cool in my yard.
The odd decoration that I've just been seeing this year is the Charlie Brown (musical) tree. I think if I was in an apartment, I'd be tempted to get this. Or maybe as a joke office decoration. However, I'm not sure how it will fit within most people's decorating schemes. But it was interesting to look at. (This was one of a humungous assortment of brand tie-in products, not my most favorite concept)

As you may (or may not) know, I'm pretty in to decorating my house for the fall and winter holidays. So I keep track of what's happening when it comes to trends. This year the LED light is fairly well entrenched and fortunately they're offering "warm" white mini lights now (one of the major criticisms of LEDs are the "cool" light - ie. skewed to the blue spectrum). I relamped two of my white-wire deer with these and am please with how they look.

But the major thrust this year is the color changing LED lights. There's several products from C9 bulb sets, to stick luminaries, to tree-toppers, all are being sold on their "the lights change colors" properties. All of them being sold with the appropriate premium price points.

The display is free, if you're in the area. Of course, it empties you out into the area where they're selling all their decorations. I did see a lot that I wanted, but didn't get. There were new garland forms, the 6' wreath I've been dreaming of, some pencil tree decorations I could use for my entry way (but they were the wrong shapes and sizes). I did add some things, but not as much as I could have or wanted to. To much else needed to be purchased (like 2 heavy duty timers).

Once I get it all up outside I'll take some pictures.

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