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Continual crisis!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Linkee-poo runs at periscope depth

Getting a little more used to using the iPad as a working device. Also hitting several roadblocks (combination on limits of device and internet apps *cough*microsoft*cough*). In general, the iPad isn't a viable laptop replacement for what I'm doing. Now I'm just seeing how productive can I be with it (and finding things I could change to make it more productive). So, still fiddling.

Also, let me state the obvious, I'm way behind on reading and keeping up to date.

Tobias Buckell and Dave Klecha's co-written story, A Militant Peace is being picked up for Dozois' Year Best. Fargin' cool, guys. Congrats on the score.

Jim Hines talks about how to support victims of sexual harassment. And here I'll say that his points are also pretty good about any harassment, including your standard bullying (which is a form of harassment) .

Once again, my friends are channeling my own thoughts. This time about Newt Gingrich. I should mention at some point, I don't always agree with Eric and Jim, but sometimes they elucidate my own thoughts better than I can.

Fox Business News (besides being completely ignorant of real business practices) has officially jumped the shark. Again. And let's give as good as we get, shall we. Okay. Obviously Fox News is against small, entrepreneurial business because their against the Muppets getting a small business back up and running. A business that offers more job opportunities, is local, supports their community, and provides a needed service. Instead, FNB is all about the monopolist who will rape local resources and provide nothing back to the community (including no long term jobs, no support, no local responsibility). (Grokked from wannabewriter6)

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