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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Holiday Advertising Thoughts

Stop it with the Carol of the Bells already. No, really, there's like a thousand other holiday songs/Christmas Carols. How about a little The Holly and the Ivy, or something like Good King Whatshisname. It's not that hard.

So is it just me, or does anybody else thing the elves in the T-Mobil commercial are actually singing, "Walking in an Orgy Wonderland"? I know it's supposed to be "4G", but that "f" is real soft. Might have chosen a different song.

Or, in other words, changing a holiday song to fit your product? Don't be a jerk, okay?

Give Santa a break. I mean it's not like we don't work the poor guy to death one day out of every year. But you guys aren't helping.

It's also about the Anglo-Germanic-Nast-ian view of the holidays, isn't it? Even the whole "Bad Santa" sub-genre. There are plenty of other traditions that include Santa and holiday decorations, how about we mine those a little?

If you attempt to do the "tear-jerker" routine, I'm turning the channel. Thanks, already have enough of that in real life, don't need it on the TV. (I'm looking at you, Sarah McLachlan)

The whole "older son in (college, military, other state) coming home for a surprise Christmas visit" has also been done to death. And given the prevalence of both home security systems and concealed carry laws, your premises don't work very well. Plus, you know, most of those kids are living at home these days because of the economy.

Giving a car for Christmas? Wow, are you talking to the top 10% or what. Or, in other words, "fuck you, nobody who has a real life does this."

The "save so much so you can…" or just in general the "give yourself a gift at Christmas" ploy? Glad we're not being cynical about American Culture here.

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