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A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ah, those budget cuts

My police officers just did a major meth lab bust. I guess someone got stupid and forgot why there weren't any within village limits. They broke into an abandoned house and used it to make their stuff. We stopped them, made several arrests, and cleaned up the property. Meth labs contain several hazardous and dangerous chemicals. Our costs for cleanup come just shy of $2000.

Now, in the past we could get reimbursed for those costs. After all, it's a Federal and State law that we're enforcing. But after cutting our county drug enforcement team (welcome to Ashtabula, Meth Lab to NE Ohio, watch out for the broken glass), the State's new budget has cut all funding for reimbursing local law enforcement for their costs of cleaning up the mess.

So, with our budgets very tight, if we ran our government like a business, guess what my advice to the police chief would be? You know, instead of the "Congrats, everybody. Damn good job. Thanks" (and here I'll give a shout out to the Chiefs and patrolmen of the Roaming Shores, Andover, and Jefferson police forces who helped us out, we are grateful, good job everybody).

I'd rather we do the work and keep our residents safe.

Incidentally, we also had our taser damage during the tussle. So we're out that cost too. Hey, Gov. Kasich, I'm giving you a return salute. Thanks for the helping hand. Maybe if you let your buddies in the private jail business know that because of the cuts we're finding it hard to send them billing units we might get this resolved.

Again, good job everybody. You make me proud.

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