What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Linkee-poo says open up you mind and let me step inside

Tobias Buckell is pondering the lies, damn lies, and statistics problem. Actually, to answer Tobias, yes, people in general are that way. It's not so much because people are dumb, but misinformed. The blathering class likes to throw out how the richest 10% pay 70% of taxes counting on most people believing the richest 10% control 35% of the wealth (instead of 65-85% depending on whom you listen to). That's what that talking point is counting on to get its mileage.

Vince shares the Princess Bride Monopoly board.

Strange Horizons 2011 Fund Drive is now going on.

Catherine Shaffer and what is not poverty. Yes. That. Also she points to the game Poverty is Not a Game. I haven't gone through it yet, but here's my bookmark to look when I have more time.

I guess PDAs are only icky if it's gays or lesbians doing it. Strange for an airline that prides itself on being LGBT friendly. But I guess just because Southwest is friendly, doesn't mean their passengers are. And if those passengers complain about the iciness SW can conveniently forget their commitments. (Grokked from Steven Gould)

And because it relates and we seem to be celebrating International Coming Out Day early this year, Sean Maher comes out of the closet. Lots of inside information about what it means to be in the closet and why coming out is a big deal. (Grokked from Random Michelle)

Marc Martel's "Somebody to Love" audition. Wow. Just fucking wow. Oh Freddy, how we miss you. I'm sorry, if listening to Queen doesn't make you want to sing along, I think your life is a little shallow on the draft. Not that any of us can sing like that (except in our heads). (Pointed to by John - and I may just do a post and embed that video)

Jon Stewart does a good take down of Rep. John Fleming's "me so poor" interview (on why taxes shouldn't be raised because he only takes home $400,000, you know, after he feeds his family for $200,000 - love the comment about him having the worst accountants evar when they advise him to pay personal income tax on business reinvestment). Also, a take on Bill O'Reilly's threat. Also notice, nobody is talking about a 50% marginal rate, but that doesn't stop Fox from wanted you to be afraid of it (like more regulation, taxation, black helicopters and re-education camps).

"That's not who we are." Mr. President, normally I'd agree. But in the past three decades, it's what a portion of us have become. Mostly because a minority has been allowed to get away with it. Nobody has had the temerity to call them out and single them out for shame and a public verbal spanking. Instead they continue to veer onward toward the cliff. (all links Grokked from Jay Lake)

Gov. Kasich lies about what unions are really doing all to say SB 5 is necessary? Shocked, shocked I am… (I had to bring it out of retirement, nothing else works). And I think I'll start a new one, when the truth won't serve to make your point, just make shit up.


Eric said...

I can't agree that PDAs are okay: sure, they were useful in their era, but I think gays and lesbians ought to go ahead and use smartphones and tablets like anyone else. Does anyone still make PDAs, even? If they don't want a cellular data plan, just get a little 7" tablet with WiFi, why not, or get a Nook and root it. I dunno, it's probably sort of stereotyping on my part, but I couldn't have helped assuming most gay guys would already own an iPhone and most lesbians would have BlackBerries, or is that just me?

Wait, what? Am I missing something?

vince said...

Eric, your warped view of things always make me smile.

Steve, "when the truth won't serve to make your point, just make shit up" is my favorite phrase of the day.

Steve Buchheit said...

Eric, my guess is they were using Newtons. The 130 versions.

We're glad to supply, Vince.