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Friday, September 23, 2011

PSA on email etiquette #54

Let us assume you use email in lieu of a phone conversation to hash out details (which you really shouldn't, but that's another PSA, but let's be honest, if you work in an office/collaborative environment, this happens, doesn't it?), when you send the final art, project, work, whatever, you should recap all the decisions made that affect how the work will be continued instead of thinking your recipient will:
  • Remember all the details of your project when meshed with the other 12 things that are a priority on their desk

  • Find and review all twenty previous emails, each of which hashed out a different detail, and read through the histories to find the final correct datum

  • Remember just exactly WTF we were talking about two weeks and 139 emergency rush projects ago

  • Able to shave off two weeks from their estimates of time needed, especially when you're two weeks late with your part.

The more you know.

PS, and even if you use an actual 10 minute phone conversation instead of 60 emails stretched over 3 days, you should recap the information. Be Capt. Obvious, you're fellow employees will appreciate it.

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