What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Linkee-poo wonders where all the flowers have gone

Briel Computers, back when computers came as kits instead of assembled. Get your retro funk on. Yes, kids, we used to compute while wearing bear skins and wielding flint knives. We had to port our bits by hand and assembled our TCP/IP stacks with superglue. (Pointed to by John)

US newborn death rates tied with Qatar. The best medicine money can buy. We're number 41! Celebrate that in your healthcare arguments. "'We know that solutions as simple as keeping newborns warm, clean and properly breast-fed can keep them alive,' said study researcher Joy Lawn of the Save the Children Foundation, which worked with the WHO on the report. 'It isn't that you have to build invasive care units to halve your neonatal mortality.'" Say, I wonder why that isn't covered by our private health insurance which has embraced the model of "as fast as possible" for any hospital stay. (Grokked form Jay Lake)

Another in the continued drama of "people who think they know the law (and should) really don't know shit about the law." All that's required to vote is to prove residency. Paying taxes is not part of the equation (although a tax return is considered valid evidence of residency). I've dealt with people like this before. They've pointed me to laws, tax codes or court rulings they say support their contention. Just like some college students who do poorly on tests, they don't understand basic English and can't comprehend what they actually are reading. When I read what they've pointed me to, it often doesn't say what they think it says. Usually it says the opposite. In my experience, the vast majority of these are self identified conservatives.

A good thing some people know how things are supposed to work and help the ignorant. The bad thing, the ignorant want to be president.

Support for Federal Assistance knows no political party when it's your road that's washed out. And how quickly the new GOP Freshman forget. Of course, then, just like Rick Perry, you can be called hypocritical. Of course, stick to your guns and be voted out. See, our federal money is absolutely necessary to our safety and prosperity, but their's is full of fraud, abuse, and waste.

Another nail in the private companies are so much better and cheaper at delivering service than government employees. Fraud, abuse and waste in the billions we gave to private contractors in Iraq? Damnit, I broke my Casablanca quote response. I have to come up with something else. But look, "tens of billions of dollars" lost. Tell me again about how conservatives are actually fiscally conservative and business savvy, 'cause I keep forgetting.

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