What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doctor, Doctor help me please, I know you'll understand

I think I've mentioned before about how the universe conspires against me to keep me from 1) doing things I want and 2) keep me from writing. Just when things are going well, monkey wrenches drop from the clear blue sky.

Example #4397
I think I've mentioned that I'm going to a writers retreat this weekend. I'm really excited about that.

At Monday's Micro class, our prof let drop that we have a lab quiz on Monday, and that we should know the lab book text on the 3 labs we've done forward and backward. Not just what we did and why, he basically wants us to memorize the text. And then, to just add fun to it, after telling us on the first day that the text book wasn't necessary as the test would only have what was in his notes, he said we should read Chapter 2 and know the material because he wasn't going to cover it (we need to know it for tonight's class, and for the test in 2 weeks). Fortunately Chapter 2 was review of cell bio.

Last night was council meeting. All through it I cringed (inside) just waiting for some new shoe to drop. Fortunately nothing happened.

I've also been fearing some freelance stuff. There's a big sale for one client this weekend that he was saying he may need work completed. Phoned him Monday with a "Hey, haven't heard from you lately, what's happening" call. Fortunately there's nothing else he needs.

So then I've been worrying that a newsletter from another client would drop on me. Now, a newsletter would be difficult, but I could handle it. Unless it came in tomorrow. But that's not what that client brought me today. Nope. He brought me an ad book that is normally done in the summer, but this year the event is in October. It's about 24 pages or so, but this year they've almost doubled their ad sales. Oh, and did I forget to mention this needs to be finished printing by the 30th. And I've got about 80 scans to do, not to mention redoing artwork for people who have no idea how to create finished/production ready art (oh, and they consistently forget to mention what the book sizes are, so everybody makes up their own ad sizes).


I'm still going to the retreat, but I'm not going to be able to rest up before hand. For those long time readers, you may remember something similar when I went to Viable Paradise. I spent that week mostly in a sleep deprived fog. All my memories of that week are fuzzy on the edges (and in most of the middles too).

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