What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Linkee-poo has nobody left to believe

Happy birthday Nicholas Flamel.

The five common crime fighting tactics that reality shows us don't actually work (or at least not in the way we think they do). (Grokked from ferretthimself)

Another cool video, this time of some cool body movements/dancing/coreography. (Pointed to by John)

Lev Grossman and fantasy in the mainstream as punk.

Yesterday was happy book day (Ganymede) for Cherie Priest.

I don't often do book days for authors, except first time people whom I happen to know. I've met Cherie at last year's Confusion. But this isn't her first book. I don't know. Should I do more (especially for all the people I know)?

So much for the people not wanting the Buffett Rule. Seriously conservatives, "the math" is not reality. We'd welcome you back with open arms. It's going to be a long walk back (Grokked from Jay Lake). Wow, talk about self importance… coupled with low self-esteem. Dear Ted Leonsis, we're not calling you evil or bad, that's your own mental problem. Might want to talk to your therapist about that. We're just saying that people making what you do have gotten some mighty sweet deals in the past decade (well, past 3 decades). Those honey pots have helped you get where you are. We're asking for some of that back. Also, the "accountability" thing was dealt with over a century ago. If I can't delineate my taxes for the programs I like, neither can you.

Yesterday morning had a surreal moment as I heard Bill O'Reilly on NPR's Morning Edition flogging his new (co-written) book (no, I'm not saying the title). If you don't know why that was surreal, here's a little primer (Grokked from Jay Lake). It was interesting to hear Bill stop himself, like every few seconds he would realize what he was doing, where he was speaking, and what he was saying (if you listen, notice how he almost bashes President Obama, and tries to praise President (GW) Bush, he gets his points in, but only in subtext). I have a little higher respect for him (not hard) because I realize now he's somewhat self-conscious. Steve Inskeep did drag the conversation over to Bill's media work (which I agree with Media Matters, he came off as totally oblivious to his own actions within media, but then we never think of ourselves as the villain). Mr. Inskeep, I think, went a little beyond the purpose of the interview (flogging Bill's book), but kept it tied to the material. He could have gone farther, but that would have moved the conversation away from the book. Note to Bill, you could learn from that. So NPR is evil and are a bunch of terrorists who we shouldn't support or listen to… until you have a book to sell, eh Bill? I think that lets us know exactly what you are and how you really feel. And while I love ol' Abe, I think I'll skip your book, thanks.

And in case anyone is wondering how can FEMA, which was supposed to run out of money on Monday, be able to survive until Saturday (new fiscal year)? It's easy. You don't cut any checks this week and delay payments until next week. Easy peasy. Now, if it was more than a week, you would hear the howls from people whose loans haven't cleared, or having received disaster relief. But one week isn't that much longer to wait.

"Any Republican who has been around long enough (to have a record) that they can sell to both establishment Republicans and general election voters will have taken some unacceptably moderate positions over the years because the party has swung wildly to the right in that same period." It bemuses me that the best conservative hope for winning the White House are all the people who haven't declared yet. They love them until the candidates actually open their mouths. It's a function of the "they're just like me" brain. We think people think the same as us when we don't really know what they think. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

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