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Friday, September 9, 2011

Phase 1 down, Phase 2 on deck

Some photos from last weekend's fun time in home improvement projects.

The cement columns were exactly where I left them.

Dry fitting the posts. I had to cut them down to seven feet. Also making sure we're still plumb and level.

Post in place. Ready for action!

And then we hit another surprise. I figured I could use the already drilled holes in the cross bar to center my drill bit to go through the new beam. My bit wasn't long enough to go the whole way, but went more than halfway. And here is where I found out that the holes on the front and back cross bar are not aligned. Sigh. So I had to go buy a long drill bit to do a complete bore. At that point I probably should have just pitched it all, bought two new cross bars and another post and do it right, but the extra hole really doesn't compromise the post or cross beam significantly. And I wanted to be done. Strangely enough, the other post drilled precisely. Using the hole on the one cross beam as a guide, the drill bit came out centered in the hole on the other cross beam.

Cleaning up (which there is some more to do). Plus, I need to finish chopping up/removing that cement pad.

Everything connected back together again, and taking the weight of the deck.

And here we are with a closeup of how the post connects with the cement column.

I'll try and get all the rest of the tube off this weekend.

So, Phase 1 down. Phase 2 is to complete the removal of the cement pad, repair the mortar on the house, put in an actual stone and sand base (you can see the builder just poured on dirt, no drainage or prep underneath), and then use pavers to repave it (I'm also going to expand the area - going farther back and to the right to create a place to put my grill). I'm also thinking of having a raised step by the door. Unless we have good weather into December, this will probably be next Spring.

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