What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly saying, "hooray for our side"

Friday, September 2, 2011

Linkee-poo is trying to get set for a long weekend

John Scalzi lets loose with the title of his next novel.

To quote Zoidberg, "What could possibly happen." Not that I don't trust Chinese quality, you know. But parking a 24-mile wide metallic asteroid in Earth's orbit, not exactly a Good Idea™ if you ask me. (Grokked from Steven Gould, I think)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an asteroid would hit Earth? Well, wonder no more. The Purdue U Impact Earth calculator. Plug in the numbers and see what damage you do. (Pointed to by John)

Jim Wright nails the Bachmann weather quote precisely. I was going to write that, "Of course it was just a joke." You know, until you look at the extended version of the "whitey video" (of which she clearly says, "Wet people" - dear fellow progressives, she's crazy enough that we don't need to go making shit up, okay) and realize, no, she actually believes that ("because we have the god of the winds and rains."). However, she (actually, her people) can say it's just a joke, because the true believers to whom the comment was made know she needs to lie to the unwashed for political expediency. But Jim does a much better send up.

A Guardian opinion article on Gov. Perry's abortion doctrine. Not for the squeamish, but oh so true. These are the people you want to be ruling your country? (Grokked from Steven Gould)

The rise of the reconstructionists from the inside position. While somewhat alarmist, there's a lot of truth in there and it helps explain much of what has and is happening. My guess is the reconstructionists and dominionists will become the left's Illuminati conspiracy, although in this case these are real people and their agenda is plainly open. (Grokked from Jay Lake)

I would say it's easy to dismiss these radical religious nuts as fantasies conjured by paranoia. I could say that if I hadn't met these people in person. When I worked in West (by God) Virginia, I worked for and with them (in case you ever wondered what I meant by, "They were crazy down there so I had to leave"). I've also met them in other work places. People so reverently religious they don't understand why people would object to their worldview. Who hold onto that worldview even when shown the evidence of being wrong (a classic example is showing some that the KoC helped change the US motto and Pledge of Allegiance, from the KoC website, and they still don't believe it). I didn't post the link to the whacked out pastor who believes we should create a national database for atheists ala the sex-offender registration because he's on the far extreme. That doesn't mean that whackaloon doesn't have supporters and sympathizers closer to the halls of real power. And more of those who can behave in polite company are being pushed to higher realms of secular power and influence.

Think I'm kidding about seeing something demonstrated right there in front of you and still not believing? Check our this marketplace story from last night. Coastal cities realize they they're in for a rough time with climate change, water levels rising inundating some of the priciest land around being a big problem. Such as Newport Beach, CA which has been experiencing some flooding during storms, which is a new thing for them. They're looking at raising the seawall they have. That they need to invest in "climate change adaptation" to the tune of millions of dollars. But they "don't know why" they need to do this, just that if they don't, they'll lose their property (and tax income). And the rich people will be upset. But it can't be global warming, because that's just a hoax. It must be the moon having moved closer to the Earth so we have bigger tides, I guess. Or magical water nymphs.

And then there is the creation of their own reality. Wonder why progressives think these whackaloons are dangerous? It's because when certain people lose fair elections they blame "corruption" and say it was "stolen" from them. And also, they're "going to take it back" (notice similarities to "We want our country back"), and they'll (at least threaten to) use force do to it. And here you see the real agenda of the "Oath Keepers" and their ilk.

Yes, it is class warfare. And the middle class and poor have been losing because they believe they're not supposed to fight. Here is a conservative proudly admitting we should disenfranchise people because they are poor. If you ever wonder why progressives say that conservatives are mean, think of this as one point in the progressives argument. "Registering (poor people) to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals." Dear Matthew Vadum, fuck you, sirah.

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