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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Healthcare snippets

Well, I guess the amount of money I spent on the sleep study was worth it. I was diagnosed with "moderate sleep apnea." You can take that to mean that I'm following the precept of "everything in moderation." Or that I'm just a slacker when it comes to health. Or I'm waiting for the movie instead of reading the book. Your choice. I have to go back for another sleep study (to determine CPAP capability). Thankfully the one maxed out our deductible. I think that's a good thing.

Tonight I caught up with one friend who is having health problems. He's on medicare and needs a heart valve replacement. However, his tests come up with his situation of needing a new valve, but it's not in the severe category (even through he was in the hospital the other day because his blog tests indicated there were clots forming, but they weren't able to locate any clots). Some may say, "This is the government rationing care," but it's actually a result of "cutting waste." About ten years ago, he would have qualified. But because he isn't deemed "sick enough" (read, "hey, you may survive with this condition for the rest of your life"), he doesn't qualify for the procedure. Because he might be faking it. Say, did you notice that there's all this talk about continuing to cut/restructure Medicare?

The other one was a friend who told me tonight he has prostate cancer. He doesn't know yet how far progressed. The good news is more men are surviving prostate cancer (just as more women are surviving breast cancer). Fuck cancer.

So, how are you all doing?

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