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Friday, December 19, 2008

I've got over a 7000 word vocabulary and I ain't afraid to use it

(Cross posted on Genre Bender)

I've made the comment that to learn dialog you should study the stand up comedians. Well, the humorists also are great users of the language. Roy Blunt, Jr. was on the Bob Edwards Weekend show a few weekends ago. I suggest you download and listen to it (free podcast). Bob also interviews a great many writers and song writers.

Best comments were when Bob asked Roy about why he was so interested in the language to write a book about it called Alphabet Juice. Roy replied he had been earning a living using his "over the counter license" to use the English language for his livelihood since he was 14.

I need to remember that phrase.

Edit Nathan over at the Polybloggimous posted a link to a vocabulary test. Scores are posted over at Nathan's place.


Nathan said...


Your headline got me curious and while I don't have an authoritative answer, it seems like 7000 words is an awfully low figure. Don't sell yourself short.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Where can I get my prescription?

Steve Buchheit said...

Nathan, well, yes, let me be humble and say my own vocabulary (written, read, and spoken) is considerably larger. 7K words is (IIRC) the average 6th Grader's vocabulary these days. Hmm, you know what would be interesting, is that if the Free Rice would offer an estimate of your vocabulary instead of a generic "level".

JR, well, it's over the counter, so you can just start doing it. Although if you need the decongestant included you'll have to ask at the pharmacy counter because of the meth scare.

Nathan said...

I found a little vocabulary test and posted about it. C'mon over and join the fun.